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Made of steel our stands are strong!

Rated at a 200 lb capacity along with 250 pound capacity wheels, we will last.

The stand will hold the tuba while you play. Because of our extension bar located at the top of the Tuba Stand, the tuba can be tilted from a 10 to 15 degree angle.  

This is the approximate angle you would hold the tuba without the tuba stand.

A tuba stand that makes sense!!

It's called ease of operation.  With three four inch wheels, our tuba stand can be positioned with ease.  Our front locking wheel maintains the position selected.  By the way, our stand folds down for transit.  

Good Looks!
With five specifically machined brass knobs, our adjusting knobs add to the meaning of WOW.

Your new tuba stand is worthy of holding the most highlighted instrument in a concert setting.