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Every Band Program should have our fantastic tuba stands. 
1.  For the person (s) that have a hard time holding and playing the tuba for various reasons.
2.  For the person that needs help with posture.
3.  Allows the band programs to begin students earlier.
4.  Protects the tuba from dents.

 Free Shipping applies to the continental United States only.  

A tuba Stand you won't regret purchasing.

Deluxe Adjustable Tuba Stand Highlights

  • Very Strong (made of steel, 200 lb capacity

  • Mobility (Three 250 lb capacity 4 inch wheels, front wheel is locking and red in color)

  • Excellent appearance (American Workmanship)

  • Three step setup and take down

  • Folds down for transport (Carrying Bag available)

  • Great for beginners

  • Fantastic for tuba storage

  • Perfect for the player needing assistance holding the tuba

  • Supports good playing posture

  • Adjustable for all players and all tubas

  • Upper extension bar for 15 to 20 degree angle when playing.

  • Tuba Stand collapses for easy carrying

From Beginners to professional players The Deluxe Adjustable Tuba Stand is a Tuba Stand you will not regret.

Total Tuba Comfort

Playing the Tuba is now easier for everyone.

No Assembly Required

When ordering, please indicate whether the tuba stand will be holding a right side bell or left side bell tuba.  The tuba in the picture is a right side bell tuba.

  • Solid Brass Knobs machined to perfection.

  • Precise welding for strength

  • Vinyl coverings with end caps to add excellent appearance.

  • Easy band room setup

  • You don't have to wait for the tuba player to get ready.  All they need is their mouthpiece

  • A very strong idea to decrease dent repair 

  • Full valve depression

You can purchase our Tuba Stand off this website in our shopping cart or contact us for a list of dealers in your area..

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